Roof Maintenance

At Detail Roofing, we are breaking the industry standards by introducing an annual Proactive Roof Maintenance Program in the Greater Toronto Area. The advantage of an annual program is to protect the longevity of your investment.

Proactive Roof System Maintenance

Commercial and Multi-Unit Residential* roof systems are the first line of defense between Mother Nature and your building. Like any valuable asset, a roof system should be maintained in order to maximize its useful life and minimize repair costs.

At Detail Roofing, our roof maintenance and repair division is equipped to maintain all types of roof systems. We have fully trained roof maintenance technicians working to ensure that all of our clients receive professional commercial roofing services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

In addition, our available 24-hour emergency services give our customers assurance that they are covered around the clock — whenever they need repairs.

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

Commercial and Multi-Unit Residential* roof systems in the Greater Toronto Area are under substantial stress from heat, cold, water and ultra violet rays. Roof systems are constantly expanding and contracting from heat and cold, with hot humid summers and bitterly cold winters. Such movement in the roof system will cause it to weaken over time causing splits and cracks. In a climate such as ours, it is important to protect and to monitor the roof system from exposure to these elements and proactively repair them to prevent interior damage.

In particular, roof cracks, blisters, moss build-up and debris build-up tend to compromise the integrity of the roof system over time. Ignoring the roof system leaves the building exposed to potential liquid damage, rot, or even fire damage, all coming at a very high repair cost. With proactive roof maintenance and the associated inspections, these variables can be removed and repaired at a relatively low cost.

Key Benefits of Proactive Roof Maintenance

A proactive commercial roof maintenance program is simply a program of scheduled inspections and corrective actions. The following four factors identify the benefits of initiating a proactive roof maintenance program:

  1. To extend and maximize the service life of the roofing system through regular assessments and proactive maintenance.
  2. To take proactive measures to help detect minor problems before major damage is widespread and repair costs add up.
  3. To maintain the validity of the warranties and guarantees. Even a brand new roof requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning as intended. Without regular maintenance many warranties and roof guarantees become void.
  4. To maintain and/or increase property value.

To learn more or sign up for our Roof Maintenance Program, click here.

* Multi-Unit Residential refers to Stratas, Condo Corporations, Housing Co-Op’s and Rental Properties