Shingle Roof Repair

Common Shingle Roofs in Ontario

Shingles come in many colours, configurations and materials. The most commonly used shingle material in Ontario is the asphalt shingle.  Their water-proofing ability, durability and variety of colours makes them a top pick.  Asphalt shingles can stand up to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions and most importantly these days: they hold up well to rapid temperature fluctuations.  They easily expand and contract while maintaining their function of protecting the roof membrane and building structure.

What Can Go Wrong with Shingles?

Shingle roofs are specifically designed to allow proper water drainage and ventilation. It’s important to maintain Shingle Roofs because a lot can go wrong if ignored. Vulnerabilities are attic ventilation, degranulation, vegetation, and weather events.

How Does Attic Ventilation Affect a Shingle Roof?

The attic is the underside of the roof and if not properly ventilated, the moisture in the air will soften the wooden roof deck.  This weakens the entire roof and over time leads to rot and decay, even mold growth.

When there is snow or ice on a shingle roof, the rising heat inside a poorly ventilated attic will heat up the roof.  This causes the ice and snow on the roof to melt and roll down towards the eavestroughs.  When it reaches the edge of the roof it re-freezes as ice and forms a roof dam.  From the ground we see icicles hanging.

Shingle Granules Serve an Important Function

Asphalt shingles are topped with a layer of granules, which are crushed stones and minerals.  The most important function they serve is to protect the shingle from UV rays.  Shingles crack and buckle under the hot sun unless they’re protected.  The minerals in the granules also provide colour.

Shingle granules weather and degrade over time.  With regular roof maintenance these shingles can be checked and replaced if necessary.

How Does Vegetation Affect Shingles?

The main vegetation problems for shingles are moss, lichens, and algae.  This doesn’t usually happen if the roof gets a lot of sun.  But if it’s under the shade of trees and conditions are damp for a period of time they will start to grow on shingles.  The moss absorbs a lot of water and makes it a heavy stressed on the roof.  If it freezes it will push the shingles apart, warping and possible cracking them.  It will eventually lead to a roof leak if not treated.

Ontario Weather Events that Damage Shingles

High winds are typically the most damaging to shingle roofs in the GTA.  It could be due to flying debris or it can lift already-weakened shingles.  These need to be replaced as soon as possible and this is an emergency roof issue.



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Shingle Roof Repairs in Toronto

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