Ponding Water on Roof

If a leak occurs due to ponding water on the roof, don’t blame the water – blame the roof. A quality roof completely seals out water. When properly maintained, it will stay sealed and won’t leak. 


Roofs are Designed to Prevent Ponding

When a roof is built, it’s designed to prevent water from ponding, even flat roofs have a slight slope to them. The guidelines state a minimum of ¼” per foot. The roof should be sloped in a way that guides water towards the drains. As long as the drains are clear, the water won’t pond. Otherwise, a drain that has been clogged for too long will cause a lot of ponding water on the roof. 


What Causes Water to Pond on a Roof?

The most common reasons for water ponding are:

  • Improper drainage
  • Warping or blistering that changes the slope of the roof
  • Debris build-up on the roof
  • Moss and lichen growth can hold enough water to weight down an area
  • Any heavy items or roof traffic can compress the insulation under the roof membrane over time creating an indent for ponding.
  • Natural settling of a building over time can change the slope of a flat roof so that water is not draining properly.
  • Roof penetrations such as vents and skylights might indent the roof at certain parts which over time can change the slope.

Why is Water Ponding on a Roof Bad?

When a roof is functioning well and sealing out the ponding water and letting it drain there is no need to worry.  But if it is ponding and not draining it is stressing the roof.  To keep a roof system functioning at an optimal level it is important to alleviate as many stresses as possible.

How to Prevent Water from Ponding on the Roof

The only way to prevent ponding water is to have the roof maintained regularly.  This means scheduling an assessment and having minor repairs and preventative maintenance done.


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