Photo Reports

Photos are taken at every roof visit. These photos are reviewed by management to ensure the work was done correctly and then provided to our clients.  They are before-and-after style photos that show exactly what was fixed.


Understanding and Explaining with Photos

How can you possibly know what work was done on the roof without photos? You could read about it but you might not always know which part of the roof is being referred to or what type of vents.  It is so much easier to understand and explain with photos.  This is why Detail Roofing takes photos of each repair, before and after.


Simple or Complicated Roof Repairs

For more complicated repairs, like replacing a piece of membrane, there will be a series of photos taken as the work is done.  This way it is always available for the Property Manager to check and verify.  Photos are proof.

Detail Roofing keeps an extensive database of photos so that each part of the roof can be looked at over time.  When your Condominium board has questions and wants to refer to previous years, the information is available.

Estimators and Roofing Technicians Take Photos

Estimators take photos when they visit a roof and they put those photos in the proposal.  They also identify the areas of the roof for reference using satellite photos.  After the quote is approved and technicians attend to make required repairs, they take photos of the roof before, during and after the repairs are done.  This means that if anything has changed in the time between when the Estimator took photos and the Roofing Technicians attended, it will be documented.  This makes your job as a Property Manager much easier.  It leaves less room for guessing.


Management Review of Work Done

Another great advantage of photo documentation is that it’s not just the person who took the photos that looks.  The management team at Detail Roofing reviews all photos before a quote is sent out or a job is considered completed.  Having several experienced sets of eyes means higher expectations for Technicians and better quality work for you.


Photos Make for Better Communication and Project Hand-Off

The photos taken by the estimator are shown to the technicians before they start the job.  This way, they know exactly what they are supposed to do.  It becomes the work order.  This reduces wasted time and questions.  It makes Detail Roofing more efficient to work with.


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