Parkade Repair

Parkades get leaks too and Detail Roofing repairs them.  Have you noticed staining in the concrete? Water dripping in near pipes or fans? Whether the parkade is underground or a free-standing structure above-ground, We can make that repair.


Why Would a Roofing Company do Parkade Repairs?

Parkades have their own roof membrane protecting it from the structures above it. Water-proofing is a major function of any roof.  Parkade repairs that involve cracks and staining are due to water ingress.  This would involve the same types of repairs as roof repairs so it makes sense that we can fix them for you.

A roofing technician understands how to water-test and find the source of the leak.  They also know how to do this in the least invasive way.  This saves building owners time and money.


Why is Parkade Repair Important?

The amount of work that goes into replacing a parkade membrane is huge.  There is usually something above it, which means things need to be moved, dug up, put aside, while the work is done.  This could be gardens and other landscaping, part of the building above it, another parking lot above it, etc. That in itself is time-consuming and inconvenient.  Regular checks and repairs will extend the life of the parkade.


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Parkade Repair Toronto

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