Metal Roof Installation

Benefits of Metal Roofs
Longevity: Longest lasting type of roof – 40-70 years.

Low Maintenance: Very durable and resistant to moss, mildew and other forms of decay. 

Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled material and can also be recycled at life end. Other roof types become waste when replaced. 

Energy Efficient: Reflect heat which reduces cooling costs. 

Safety: Most durable during an earthquake and Fire

Common Concerns

Will it Rust?

  • Corrosion-resistant alloys present in the metal and protective coatings prevent rusting. 

Will the rain be noisy?

  • No – Insulation absorbs sound. 

Will heat and cold be absorbed by the metal?

  • No – sun rays are reflected, keeping it cooler inside. There is less heat loss due to the structure and the roof is insulated. 

Is it expensive?

  • It will cost more to have it build than a shingle roof would, but the maintenance costs are much lower and the roof lasts much longer. This increases your homes resale value. 

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Metal Roof Installations Toronto

Featured Services

24/7 Emergency Repair

Panic can set in when roof leaks are causing immediate damage. When a bucket isn’t enough, every minute counts.   Detail Roofing Technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency roof leaks. Trucks are stocked with the all the necessary supplies to make repairs in any condition. Our fleet size allows us to get to customers faster.

Roof leaks happen at all times of day or night.  If there’s water coming into a unit  it is an emergency.  Luckily Detail Roofing has roofing technicians available 24/7.

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Prevent mold, tenant calls and costly repairs…

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Very durable and resistant to moss, mildew and other forms of decay…

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Detail Roofing offers roof replacement financing for Condo Corporations and commercial buildings

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Parkades get leaks too and Design Roofing repairs them…

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Birds and pests are a nuisance on roofs.  It’s best to be proactive and have deterrents in place before nesting season.

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