Deck Repair

Residents love their decks.  They furnish them with heavy planters and barbeques.  It is an important part of their living space.


Decks as Part of a Roof System

Decks cover living spaces which technically makes them part of the roof system.  They have drains, vents, gutters and soffits just like any other part of a roof.  On top of that, they are also a walking surface and must be able to handle traffic and furnishings.


Strength and Durability is Vital

Decks provide double-duty as they are covering a living space as part of the roof and providing a floor to hold weight. While a roof protects a building from the environment, a deck must do this and protect the building from traffic and other variable weights.


Common Damage on Decks

Typical damage on a deck results from damage caused by people such as:

  • Punctures from dropped knives or tools
  • Holes from tables, chairs, shoe heels and other sharp objects
  • Hot barbeques and other heated items (Vinyl decks are particularly vulnerable to this)
  • Spilled solvents and propane

Water gets in through the holes and splits in the deck and leaks through.  A small amount of liquid can cause rotting and mold, weakening the deck and damaging the structure.


Deck Drains and Gutters

It is important that drains be clear.  Sometimes people accidently cover the drain with a mat or furniture.  Debris can easily build up on a deck if it isn’t cleaned regularly which also blocks the drain causing water to back up.  This becomes a breeding ground for weeds if left long enough.

Maintenance for Decks

  • Cleaning of dirt and debris
  • Sealing worn caulking around vents
  • Ensuring proper drainage
  • Checking guardrails for safety

Some cleaning products can degrade deck membranes so it is important that a trained technician attends to it regularly.


Detail Roofing provides service to all kinds of balconies, patios and decks that need repair.


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Deck Repairs Toronto

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Roof leaks happen at all times of day or night.  If there’s water coming into a unit  it is an emergency.  Luckily Detail Roofing has roofing technicians available 24/7.

Is the Roof Leak an Emergency?

If the roof is actively leaking it is an emergency. You should not allow a leak to continue for the following reasons:

  • The water is breaking down the wood fibers and causing rot and decay.
  • This decay leads to mold growth.
  • The mold spores get in the air and cause respiratory problems for the residents.
  • Water continues to spread above the ceiling into ventilation leading to more interior damage.
  • Water come into contact with the electrical wiring and could cause a fire.
  • The source of the leak will get weaker allowing water in at a faster rate. The additional pressure will cause more damage.
  • Carpets, floors, furniture and other contents will be damaged.
  • The building structure will be damaged.

All of these consequences will end up costing more than simply getting the roof leak repaired as soon as possible.

Detail Roofing is available to make repairs day or night, 365 days a year so there is no sense in waiting and allowing damage to continue.

Is the Leak Coming From the Roof?

You know there’s an active leak but aren’t sure if it’s coming from the roof or plumbing pipes.  How can you tell?  Who should you call? Locating a water leak is not an easy task.  The important thing is to not wait.  Even if you’re not sure it’s best to call someone.  The worst that can happen is one contractor comes to the location and identifies that it is not a leak they can deal with and you’ll have to try the other contractor.  At least you’re one step closer to getting it fixed and mitigating the damage.

Chances are it’s a roof leak if:

  • It has rained or snowed recently.
  • Gutters have not been cleaned lately.
  • The ventilation system is not working well.
  • There is noticeable damage to shingles or soffit.
  • There are or were icicles hanging off the roof.
  • There have been major weather events lately. (high winds causing flying debris)


When a call that comes in at night because a roof in a townhouse complex is leaking and water is entering the unit be sure to call Detail Roofing for a quick repair.


Our professionally trained technicians and crews are available 24 hours a day to repair your roof system.

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