Snow Guards Are Essential for Ontario Industrial Roofing

December 18, 2012 Laura MacCormac

Anyone who operates a commercial business can tell you that one of the most critical components to the health and well-being of their business is the proper maintenance of their physical location, from scrubbing concrete floors to staying one step ahead of Ontario industrial roofing repairs.

For both employees and customers, a safe and well-run business location is simply essential to the long term success of any viable operation, but with the million decisions facing business owners at any given moment, staying ahead of the curve can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, at least one element of property maintenance is a no-brainer. With harsh winter weather closing in, it is only a matter of time before ice and snow accumulation becomes a daily reality for any business that operates its own location.

The danger in this lies in the build-up of excess weight in dangerous places. The first and most obvious danger lies in the overhanging build-up of drifts at the very edge of the Ontario industrial roofing surface. This gradual accumulation will eventually fall, the only question is when. Although it may seem as if falling snow is of little concern, take time to consider that even a small drift of snow and ice can easily weigh hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Of course, there is also to danger of heavy build-ups occurring in key structural areas, leading to the potential for roof collapses that can cause millions of dollars in damages, or worse…

Luckily, the solution is actually quick and painless. Look for a reputable Ontario industrial roofing company, such as Design Roofing in Toronto (and Vancouver), who can offer customized snow guards. These relatively inexpensive, custom-built solutions install directly onto your commercial rooftop, and help guide blowing and drifting snow to safe areas, deterring dangerous accumulation and saving money on snow removal in the long-term.

It might be a small decision now, but the installation of snow guards early in winter can easily save a thousand headaches, or worse, later on down the line. And as any business owner can tell you, the only good problem is the one that never arises.

Image courtesy of Flickr's SnaPsi ???????.

Image courtesy of Flickr’s SnaPsi ???????.

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