Residential or Industrial Roofing; Ontario’s Weather Makes Repairs a Challenge

August 22, 2013 Laura MacCormac

When it comes to seasonal weather, the province of Ontario may very well represent one of the most diverse and challenging sets of weather patterns on the planet. For those who are in the business of roofing, this can be particularly challenging. Having to deal with warm, moist summers can be a challenge in and of itself, but when the winter season brings with it notorious cold snaps, heavy snowfall, and fluctuating temperatures, the task becomes all the larger.

Ontario has a climate which allows summer heat to escalate well into the high thirties for long stretches of June, July, and August. With all of the natural water in the surrounding area, it is no surprise that the humidity levels often reach well past normal as well. This moisture can easily become trapped in the structure of improperly maintained roofs, leading to the freezing and subsequent expanding of that water as winter closes in.

From industrial roofing to the structure sitting above your home bedroom, this moisture combined with a large fluctuation in temperature can be the kiss of death for some structures. Only through proper maintenance and upkeep can the small permeations through which moisture enters be kept in check. Experts recommend bringing in an expert team of experienced roofers twice yearly to perform inspections. These bi-annual check ups should be performed once in the spring, and then once more before the freezing temperatures of the Canadian winter set in upon us.

Roofers in this part of the world simply require a larger and more diverse skill set than most professionals around the world. The extreme range that is covered by our local weather patterns during any given year can be enough to make your head spin, but with qualified certified professionals your side, you can at least put your faith in the roof over your head.

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