Prevention is Key to Avoiding Emergency Roof Repair

October 22, 2013 Laura MacCormac

For anyone familiar with life in Ontario, it should come as no small surprise that our harsh winters have a reputation of being very tough on roofing. With temperature swings that cover nearly every type of weather conditions possible, a year in Ontario can easily be compared to a year just about anywhere on earth. From sweltering heat and humidity during the peak of summer to white-out conditions and sub-zero stints that last up to four months in the winter, there is nothing easy about roofing in Ontario.

Compounding this problem has been a relative lack of knowledge concerning proper upkeep and maintenance of Ontario’s roofs. The unfortunate reality is that very few business owners take the time to properly execute a rooftop maintenance plan, which can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run, if not more.

By simply bringing in experts on a twice annual basis to perform inspections and maintenance, it is possible to add years to your rooftop’s life expectancy. By locating and treating small permeations which are all but invisible to the naked eye, a professional can prevent moisture from permeating the building’s exterior. Once inside, this water is all but guaranteed to freeze and expand during the long winter months, causing significant damage and potentially jeopardizing the building’s structure.

Compared to the cost of annual maintenance, an emergency roof repair – or worse, a full replacement – can be bank-breaking. To avoid headaches, save on costs, and just plain make the right decision, it is important to treat every element of your business with the highest level of respect, from the rooftop down. It might be easy to push to the back burner in the short-term, but regular inspections and maintenance will always pay off in the long run.


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