Right and Wrong: Two Roofs in a Parallel Universe

July 27, 2017 designroofing

Two Roofs, Different Outcomes Some movies use time travel to show how one decision leads to a different outcome in a parallel universe. Books tell tales of characters choosing one of two possible routes and describe both outcomes. Hey even in school we could read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. The technique is classic and […]


What is White Sock Service?

June 19, 2017 designroofing

Professionalism is one of our key values and we put a lot of effort into making sure every aspect of our business is conducted that way. We came up with the idea of “white sock service’ when we heard a story about a tenant who was frustrated and angry about a mess being left in […]


Roof Drains that Look Like Potted Plants

May 29, 2017 designroofing

No one would argue that roof drains are important.  No one would argue that potted plants are pretty.  But that doesn’t mean roof drains that look like potted plants are a good thing. It’s been a very rainy Spring and no one would argue that either. Now those weeds are getting a full dose of […]


There Are Rules About Bird Nests on Roofs

April 5, 2017 designroofing

Removing Bird Nests If birds are a problem at any of your properties you should know that precautions must be taken if there are nests.  According to the BC Ministry of Environmental Stewardship, if a nest is occupied by a bird or its eggs, it is not allowed to be removed or destroyed. Nests are […]


Top 6 Reasons a Roof Leaks

April 4, 2017 designroofing

Roofs will leak for several reasons.  The most common reasons are improper drainage, damaged flashing, granule loss (the top protective layer), damage to the roof membrane, and ventilation issues. The wear-and-tear caused by weather in every season will affect every roof on every building and the only thing you can do to lessen it is preventative […]


Leak Investigations


When a tenant spots an obvious leak you have an emergency on your hands.  That roof leak could be something that built up over time and has finally come through, or it could be something sudden that had a clear cause.  Whatever the situation is, you know you need a technician in as soon as […]


Five Consequences of Roof Leaks

February 9, 2017 designroofing

The consequences of roof leaks can really eat into your bottom line.  The longer the leak is active, the more damage is done.  So on top of the repair costs you also have to consider: The hazards it created by roof leaks. The cost to replace damaged assets. The cost to repair structural damage. The […]


A Career in Roofing

January 23, 2017 designroofing

A Realistic Career Path Some of our best foremen hadn’t even thought a career in roofing was going to be their path. The truth is, some of them didn’t have any future vision when they applied for a Labourer position at Design Roofing. We were lucky they did and we hired them because they had […]


3 Roof Tips for Winter Weather

December 6, 2016 designroofing

We have freezing cold temperatures and more snow in the forecast. It’s a good time for some winter weather tips from Design Roofing. #1 Drainage is Critical Snow and ice don’t move until they melt. When that happens they must drain so it is imperative that drains and gutters are clear. If you’ve noticed water […]


What is an Emergency Roof Repair?

November 7, 2016 designroofing

An emergency roof repair usually happens when there’s a sudden leak that is damaging property.  You get a call from a tenant and you know it’s not something that can wait. We send a crew as soon as possible.  When we get there we do an investigation to find the cause. In this case it’s a split […]