For Roof Maintenance, Ontario Offers Challenges

January 21, 2013 Laura MacCormac

With the dead of winter now upon us, the harsh elements of the Canadian climate are perfectly primed for their most devastating annual stretch. Few areas are hit as hard as Ontario, with wintery conditions wreaking havoc, particularly on those who decided to put off performing regular roof maintenance. Ontario’s blustery winters are the perfect example of why most experts recommend ongoing and regularly scheduled maintenance of both residential and commercial rooftops.

With the naked eye, there is only a certain amount of damage that can be easily recognized, and many problems, particularly those related to moisture and weather conditions, can sneak up with very few warning signs. When it comes to roof maintenance, Ontario has a climate that fluctuates so greatly from summer to winter that the constant freezing and thawing of beams and joints can actually compromise a building’s structural integrity long before it would otherwise become a concern in a different climate.

Nearly all experts recommend regularly scheduled inspections and check-ups at least two times per year, usually in the spring and fall. This simple step can help property owners identify problems before they become emergency situations, saving on not only repair costs, total hours spent on the job, and materials, but also on the potential loss of business due to closure in the event that the building is a commercial location.

For the price of just a few hours of work, repair jobs requiring hundreds of man-hours can easily be nipped in the bud. A properly functioning rooftop may be the last thing on the mind of the average person, but once a roofing situation becomes a problem, there are few things as urgent or as pressing as repairing the one that stands between the elements and your family home or place of business. To avoid the potentially devastating consequences of a neglected property, your annual upkeep plan should contain not one, but two regularly scheduled appointments with professional roofers, each with the sole purpose of providing ongoing roof maintenance. Ontario’s weather can be unforgiving at the best of times, so you can imagine how tough it would be to operate without so much as a roof overhead.

Source: Image Courtesy of Flickr's Public Domain Photos.

Source: Image Courtesy of Flickr’s Public Domain Photos.

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