For a Roofing Company, Ontario is Prime Territory

March 20, 2013 Laura MacCormac

Certain climates simply create a need for business owners to establish a comfortable, trusting relationship with an established roofing company. Ontario, Canada is most definitely one of those places. With a yearly profile of weather conditions which include balmy summer evenings, frigid winters, and everything in between, Ontario residents are among those with the greatest needs in all of North America.

Although some climates receive significantly more precipitation on an annual basis, the simple fact is that the process by which rooftops become damaged or deteriorated is far more complex than simply tabulating the amount of water that is likely to fall upon it. Factors such as humidity, the scope and quickness of temperature changes, and even an individual building’s angle of sun exposure can greatly affect what type of roof maintenance needs to be performed, as well as how often it should be performed.

According to one expert roofing company, Ontario not only has higher than normal summertime humidity levels, but the range of temperatures experienced by many regions over the course of an average year can cause significant damage to accumulate very quickly. Despite what most people believe, roof damage rarely occurs all in a single incident. Instead, the vast majority of property damage caused by faulty roof tops can be avoided by simply recognizing the early warning signs.

In order to properly assess these, a simple inspection performed twice annually by a certified and experienced professional is recommended. This process is usually very quick and relatively inexpensive, particularly compared to the cost of closing the doors to one’s business for a period of time while repairing major structural damage to the building. Because of the seasonal nature of Ontario’s climate, experts suggest the late fall and early spring as the best times to perform these inspections.

As water freezes and thaws, it of course begins to expand and condense. This fluctuation in size is often the most damaging factor of water accumulation, particularly when it occurs within the wooden framework of a building’s interior structure, or in any kind of cement, concrete, or stone fixture.

Even for an experienced roofing company, Ontario is simply one of those places that demands constant professional oversight, so contact a reputable roofing company today for more information on how to take proper care of your roof.

Source: Flickr's State Farm.

Source: Flickr’s State Farm.

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