3 Roof Tips for Winter Weather

December 6, 2016 Laura MacCormac

We have freezing cold temperatures and more snow in the forecast. It’s a good time for some winter weather tips from Detail Roofing.

#1 Drainage is Critical

clogged gutter

Snow and ice don’t move until they melt. When that happens they must drain so it is imperative that drains and gutters are clear. If you’ve noticed water overflowing from gutters in the past couple of rainy months, that’s a sure sign of a drain issue.  Contact us if you need your drains checked.

#2 Don’t Go on the Roof

Unless you’re a trained Roofer, don’t go on your roof.  It’s simply too dangerous, especially in icy conditions.

#3 Contact Us Early

Encourage tenants to notify you as soon as they can if there’s a leak.  It’s best to arrive before the temperature gets too low on these short days.

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