Icicles on Gutters: What It Could Mean and How to Address It

February 6, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Now that we have approached the midpoint of winter, you may be noticing one of the season’s trademark characteristics materializing on roofs and buildings all around you. While picturesque icicle lined rooftops may look lovely on an annual holiday greeting card, in real life their presence can present a host of problems.   What’s […]


5 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks On Sloped and Flat Roofs

January 9, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Roof leaks can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, there may even be multiple sources contributing to an interior leak. Over the years and through thousands of thorough investigations these have been the top culprits for leak causes on both sloped and flat roof surfaces.   Sloped Shingle Roofs 1) Missing […]


Winter Roof Leaks: The Dangers of Delaying a Diagnosis

December 5, 2022 kellymacdonald

  Reporting roof leaks right away might seem like a no brainer. Too often, we encounter situations where signs of a leaking roof are reported months after they are first observed. This is especially true during and following the winter months.   There are a number of reasons why someone might hold off on addressing […]


Why We Recommend Coating All Concrete Surfaces

July 5, 2022 Laura MacCormac

    Concrete is found in many areas of a building including the balconies, mechanical room, garbage room, and parking garage. These areas are all under constant stress from traffic and elements and need protection.  Some people think it’s indestructible and are hard on it and don’t realize that it does break down over time.  […]


How We Find Roof Leaks, Even the Complicated Ones

April 4, 2022 Laura MacCormac

      As a Property Manager, you know how careful you need to be when managing expectations.  On one hand you want the board to know you’re getting things done quickly, and on the other hand, you want them to understand that it needs to be done right. Residents want to know why the […]


Why Spring Roof Assessments Minimize Costs

March 13, 2022 Laura MacCormac

    There’s no doubt about it, cost savings are highest when roof assessments are done promptly in the Spring. Why? Because damage grows over time. Winter weather causes more damage to roofs than any other season. The freezing and melting of ice, the strong winds and the weight of snow all add up to […]


5 Signs of Roof Damage After Winter Storms

February 2, 2022 Laura MacCormac

      Roofs are built to protect buildings from the very thing that wears them down: weather events.  More specifically, weather events like storms and temperature fluctuations leave them particularly vulnerable. Property Managers need to make roof maintenance a priority and have them checked immediately after storms to prevent roof leaks and related damage. […]


Small Repairs Will Save a Building from Major Structural Damage

July 20, 2021 Laura MacCormac

      How, as a Property Manager, can you possibly know if there are structural weaknesses in a building you’re managing?  Can you rely on residents to tell you if they notice a small yellow spot on the ceiling?  Do they even look there? How would anyone detect mold and rot if it’s above […]


Visual Roof Inspection vs Roof Leak Investigation

February 5, 2021 Laura MacCormac

      A roof leak investigation is much more detailed than a visual roof inspection.  It is important to understand the difference because often a free roof inspection doesn’t examine below the first layer of the roof and doesn’t look for hidden problems.  The result is two very different quotes: one showing obvious and known […]


Why Decks are Part on the Roof System

September 3, 2020 Laura MacCormac

Decks are part of the roof because they protect the area below them. They are designed to function as a roof with extra capacity for human traffic and all the heavy things that get piled on them. So really, the deck provides two functions