Post-Summer Roof Leaks: We’re Bracing Ourselves, Are You?

Fall storms roof leaks

We are starting to get leak calls this week because of rain.  But this is nothing compared to what’s around the corner…

Insurance damage roof replacement

The First Fall Storm

Condo Corporations often under-estimate the damage the sun has done to their roof.  Summer time is dry so roof vulnerabilities go unnoticed.  We are bracing ourselves because we know from over 30 years of experience that when the first storm of fall hits our phones ring all day and night.  Roof leaks are always bad after a dry, hot summer. The first fall storm is when all the roof vulnerabilities show.

roofer needs to fix

UV Rays Break Down Roof Membranes

Day after day of sun is hard on a roof.  They have layers of protection, but those layers break down over time.  Roofs that may already have issues get worse.  Roof cracks form, caulking dries and wears down, granules dry out and don’t stick as well, making them easier to get displaced.

Clogged Drain on Roof

Timing is Important

Get an assessment before the storms come. We recommend roof maintenance at this particular time of year to strengthen and protect roofs from the harsh weather that’s coming.  Getting the roof repair done after the storm will cost more than the maintenance that prevents it.  For example, renewing caulking on a vent is much easier and quicker to do than making a repair after a leak, which would also cause water damage to both the building and its contents.

Are your roofs ready for fall storms?
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Three Common Roof Repair Mistakes that Even Caretakers Make

caretaker fixing

It’s natural to want to save money on Roof Repairs when you’re managing a building for Condo Corporations. Caretakers, Handymen, Maintenance Supervisors,  whatever their title, they do a great job making small low-risk repairs. Knowing when to use them, or not, is a decision that should always be made carefully. When it comes to being on the roof you need technicians who are trained and insured. Here are three mistakes that we see all too often by caretakers:

1. Not Using Proper Safety Gear

not wearing safety gear

Roofing technicians are not permitted to work unless they have completed Working at Heights training. This means that workers understand how to properly use fall restraint equipment so they can prevent injuries. Depending on the roof, different safety gear needs to be used. Make sure that anyone attempting a roof repair is trained under Ontario legislation and insured. Keep in mind that you could be liable if something goes wrong.

2. Pulling Roof Vegetation

Vegetation on roof can damage membrane

This seems like such an easy way to keep the roof tidy: pull out weeds. Roof vegetation needs to be removed carefully and treated as a roof repair. Roots puncture the roof membrane and will grow through layers. When someone innocently pulls out a weed they could be opening a hole, causing damage and leading to interior damage and a roof repair.

3. Displacing Roof Membrane Protection

Roof repair for granule roof protection

Anyone walking on a roof is disturbing granules that are carefully spread over the membrane to protect it. Just knowing how to properly walk on a roof is a skill that needs to be learned.  These granules protect the roof membrane from all weather elements, even UV rays.  When they are displaced, the membrane is exposed and vulnerable.

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