The Do’s & Don’ts of Roof Leaks

November 7, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Anyone who has had to deal with a roof leak knows what a hassle they can be. At the very least, they can result in a disturbance for residents in the affected units or common areas, costs for interior remediation and roof repairs, and potential for health hazards like mold growth. In extreme cases, […]


Addressing Drain and Gutter Maintenance for System Longevity

September 29, 2023 Jessica Campbell

In the world of roofing, it’s important to dispel a common misconception: flat roofs aren’t entirely flat. Instead, they’re designed with a slight slope, often referred to as a “low-slope” structure. This subtle incline serves a critical purpose – it ensures effective water drainage. This design feature may seem counterintuitive, but it’s what prevents water […]


UV Ray Exposure to Roof Membrane: Protecting Your Investment

August 1, 2023 Jessica Campbell

Our roofs are the very first line of defense against the natural elements, shielding us from rain, wind, hail, and snow. However, many people may not realize that even the sun, and the UV radiation it emits, can wreak havoc on their roofs. UV radiation can cause significant damage to various roofing materials, leading to […]


Bird Deterrents: Protecting Your Roof System

June 5, 2023 Jessica Campbell

Protecting Your Roof: Understanding the Value of Bird Deterrents   Bird deterrents are commonly employed to protect roofs from the potential damage caused by birds. Roofs, with their accessible nooks and crannies, often serve as attractive sites for birds to build their nests. This could lead to issues like blocked gutters, damaged shingles, and corrosion […]


Why You Should Be Inspecting Your Roof in Spring

April 14, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Tis the season for spring cleaning. Coming out of the cold, dark winter months many buildings, especially in condominium communities, have a laundry list of projects to complete in preparation for the new season. Here’s why it’s imperative that inspecting the roof be included on your spring checklist.   Winter’s Impact on Roof Systems […]


Signs of A Bad Roofing Job

March 15, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Not all roofing jobs are created equal. Time after time we come upon situations where buildings with brand or relatively new roofs are experiencing leaks. How could this be possible months or a few short years after the roof was replaced? The answer is likely poor installation. In fact, water infiltration from improper installation […]


Icicles on Gutters: What It Could Mean and How to Address It

February 6, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Now that we have approached the midpoint of winter, you may be noticing one of the season’s trademark characteristics materializing on roofs and buildings all around you. While picturesque icicle lined rooftops may look lovely on an annual holiday greeting card, in real life their presence can present a host of problems.   What’s […]


5 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks On Sloped and Flat Roofs

January 9, 2023 kellymacdonald

  Roof leaks can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, there may even be multiple sources contributing to an interior leak. Over the years and through thousands of thorough investigations these have been the top culprits for leak causes on both sloped and flat roof surfaces.   Sloped Shingle Roofs 1) Missing […]


Winter Roof Leaks: The Dangers of Delaying a Diagnosis

December 5, 2022 kellymacdonald

  Reporting roof leaks right away might seem like a no brainer. Too often, we encounter situations where signs of a leaking roof are reported months after they are first observed. This is especially true during and following the winter months.   There are a number of reasons why someone might hold off on addressing […]


Why We Recommend Coating All Concrete Surfaces

July 5, 2022 Laura MacCormac

    Concrete is found in many areas of a building including the balconies, mechanical room, garbage room, and parking garage. These areas are all under constant stress from traffic and elements and need protection.  Some people think it’s indestructible and are hard on it and don’t realize that it does break down over time.  […]