Small Repairs Will Save a Building from Major Structural Damage

July 20, 2021 designroofing

      How, as a Property Manager, can you possibly know if there are structural weaknesses in a building you’re managing?  Can you rely on residents to tell you if they notice a small yellow spot on the ceiling?  Do they even look there? How would anyone detect mold and rot if it’s above […]


Visual Roof Inspection vs Roof Leak Investigation

February 5, 2021 designroofing

      A roof leak investigation is much more detailed than a visual roof inspection.  It is important to understand the difference because often a free roof inspection doesn’t examine below the first layer of the roof and doesn’t look for hidden problems.  The result is two very different quotes: one showing obvious and known […]


Decks are Part on the Roof System

September 3, 2020 designroofing

Decks are part of the roof because they protect the area below them. They are designed to function as a roof with extra capacity for human traffic and all the heavy things that get piled on them. So really, the deck provides two functions


Winter Roofing: Is “Waiting For Spring” Really a Good Idea?

February 28, 2020 designroofing

      The best time to get roof repairs done is as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  Some say it’s best to wait for Spring, but why?  Is it because they worry the roofers hands might freeze?  Do they think it won’t get worse over time? We haven’t found an answer yet […]


What UV Rays do to Roofs

May 2, 2018 designroofing

The sunny days are finally here! Enjoy it but don’t be wreckless. UV rays are harmful to more than just your skin. Did you know they damage roof membranes? Like sunscreen, roofs have a protective layer on the membrane that sometimes needs to be reapplied. Leaving an unprotected roof exposed to the sun causes cracking […]


Scheduling a Roof Replacement

February 14, 2018 designroofing

Don’t wait to schedule a roof replacement. Demand is high, timing is important and residents appreciate advanced notice. Increasing Demand New construction in the GTA is strong and our crews are being kept busy building new roofs. Buildings constructed in the 90’s are scheduling their roof replaced now (if they haven’t already). Demand increases in […]


Are Those Reindeer on Your Roof?

December 22, 2017 designroofing

Merry Christmas from the team at Detail Roofing. Wishes for happiness and success in 2018. Emergency Service is Available 24/7 Every Day. (905) 230-2969


Delaying a Roof Replacement

November 3, 2017 designroofing

Delaying a Roof Replacement has costly consequences.  Putting it off seems like a way to save money but the costs of keeping a roof that has reached the end of its life come from roof rot, loss of insurance, multiple leak repairs, electrical damage and the value of the building. Roof Rot This is roof […]


Garbage Bags Aren’t Enough: Use a Reputable Roofer

September 7, 2017 designroofing

One of our customers called us to assess a roof after multiple leaks and roof repairs had not worked. Unfortunately they had hired a no-name company to do some badly-needed roof repairs. This company used leak seal and garbage bags as a repair. Obviously the garbage bags didn’t work. This is why hiring a reputable […]


Right and Wrong: Two Roofs in a Parallel Universe

July 27, 2017 designroofing

Two Roofs, Different Outcomes Some movies use time travel to show how one decision leads to a different outcome in a parallel universe. Books tell tales of characters choosing one of two possible routes and describe both outcomes. Hey even in school we could read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. The technique is classic and […]