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Avoid the Winter “Hangover”

Winter is hard on everyone, even buildings, especially roofs. Roofs take a beating in the winter and if they’re not prepared they need to be nursed back to health in the Spring.

A weak roof will present more than just a hangover.

Get your roofs looked at before the weather gets worse. Make sure roof weaknesses are caught and repaired. Prudent Condo Corps insist they need to have their vents caulked and eavestroughs cleared before the snow hits. It prevents expensive surprises and extends the roofs’ lives.
This is actually an ice dam.

Weaknesses like exposed nails and failed caulking lead to roof leaks.
rust leaky roof

Rusted vents and penetrations that are not sealed are major weaknesses.
Roof Repair required rusted

It could be cracks and blistered that happened over the summer as a result of strong UV rays.
uv rays cause blistering and cracking

Seams can open because the membrane expands and contracts as temperatures change.
leaky roof due to open seams

Degranulation that exposes the roof membrane weakens the roof.
commercial roofer needed

Roof Maintenance is Smart

Rusted Doghouse Vent
Find more before and after photos here.

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