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How to Easily Spot the Warning Signs

The Health of a Roof is Critical

Often the signs of a problem don’t become obvious right away and sometimes are easy to miss.  You will save your clients a great deal of stress if you look out for the signs and act quickly when you notice them. This saves you a ton of time and lots of headaches.

The Eavestrough is Damaged or Clogged

Signs of roof problems
Get this fixed before it backs up and starts leaking into the building.

Missing Downspout

A Missing Downspout
If you notice part of a downspout missing or disconnected, get it repaired quickly before water builds up and causes damage.

Icicles and Ice Dams

commercial roofing for ice dams
These are a sign of improper ventilation. Icicles can break off, especially on a windy day, and hurt someone or damage property. When they thaw they can cause additional damage. Get the ventilation looked after and get the ice dams removed professionally.

Flashing is Warped

Design Roofing Replaces Metal
Even a slight lift from building side or edge can be cause for concern. Have a roofer take a look for existing damage and seal it up right away.

Shingles are Cracking or Buckling

Cracks on shingle roof repair
This can be easy to miss. Zero in on each shingle for cracks, buckling or warped shingles. They might crack and split like the ones in this picture Also look for shingles that peel and buckle.

Lint Build-Up

lint in vent
Lint build-up is not always this obvious, especially if the lint is stuck inside the vent and the rest has blown away in the wind. Shine a flashlight if you’re not sure. This is a fire hazard and also prevents the vent from doing it’s job, causing condensation, which breaks the roof down from inside to out.

Paint Peeling or Bubbling

bubbling exterior paint
This can be a cause and effect. Bubbling paint is a sign that too much moisture is present. It also exposes the material underneath. Most people won’t notice or think much of a little paint bubbling, but getting it checked can save hours of work for you.

Staining on Ceilings

Roofer GTA
Some tenants never look at the ceiling. They don’t notice stains until they’re really obvious like the ones above. Though you can’t be the inspector, you can encourage condo corporations and building managers to take a look and pass the message along to tenants. Watch for stains on hallway ceilings when you’re on site.

Age of Roof

Commercial roofing needed
Roofs age. A roof that hasn’t been maintained will not last as long as one that has. When you start managing a building be sure to check on this and don’t neglect to have maintenance done twice a year.

Repair Orders are on the Rise

repair orders piling up
Repair orders may seem to have nothing to do with the roof but it is a sign. Doors that have mysteriously started jamming, shotty electrical and mould around windows can be repaired temporarily, but if the problems return, it’s likely a weakness in the roof. Keep it maintained and avoid the mounting repair orders.

Increased heating costs

Roof in poor condition losing heat
Is a Condo Board expressing concern over rising heating costs? Maybe it’s not just hydro. It could be that heat is escaping from the roof. Solve this problem for them and they’ll always be on your side.

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