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They Chose the Lowest Bidder

And Paid Way More

When there’s water sitting under the roof membrane and the roof deck is getting soaked there’s a problem. This happened to one of our customers.
water was found under the roof membrane

They had repairs done to to several of the stacks at the base and they weren’t properly sealed.  They called us to investigate a leak and we found water pooling underneath the roof membrane in 20 places.

Vent installations had been done incorrectly by a low-bid roofer

water on roof vacuumed
We vacuumed the water and repaired the defected vents that were causing the water ingress.

breather vents  
In this situation we were able to save the roof by installing breather vents. These vents are pulling moisture up out of the roof, drying it out, so the entire roof doesn’t have to be replaced.

As a property manager, these choices can seem out of your control when a board insists on choosing the lowest bidder.

However, it is worth noting they still had to pay for those breather vents. It’s not as expensive as having to get a roof replacement but if you add that to the original bill they paid the low-bidding roofer who incorrectly installed their roof vents, you’ll see the lowest bid is not the lowest cost.

Please share this story with your boards and encourage them to consider quality of workmanship when they select a company to maintain and repair their roof.

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