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Contractor’s Insurance: A Question Worth Asking

workers on property

Why is it important to ask your Ontario roofing contractor about insurance? If something goes wrong while work is being done on a property that you are responsible for, any costs incurred will be up to you to pay.  That is, unless the contractor, and any sub-contractors have the right insurance. You have a responsibility to find out about insurance. There are two situations that could transpire:

1. a worker on your property could be injured, or

2. damage could be done to your property.

Workers on your property

roof repairs should be done by insured roofing contractors

Make sure your Ontario roofing contractor has a clearance number from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). This applies in Ontario.

1. Before work starts, get a WSIB clearance number from the contractor.

2. Confirm with them about whether they are using sub-contractors.  If they are, get the clearance number for those subcontractors as well.

3. Check the WSIB website and verify the clearance number.  If it is not valid, do not allow the contractor to start work.

It’s important to get the clearance number from the contractor.  Searching for companies can bring up results from other companies with the same name.

If work happens on your property and there’s no valid clearance you could be on the hook for any injuries to workers and you could be convicted and charged.  The maximum fine is $100,000.

Damage to your property

Make sure commercial roofer is insured

If your contractor does not have property damage insurance they will have no way of repaying you for any property damage they cause.  Verify they have the insurance by checking with their insurance company that their coverage is valid for the duration of the work.

Don’t forget to check that any sub-contractors are also insured.

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