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Documenting the Work: How Photos Tell the Story

When there’s a roof leak it’s imperative the ingress be stopped as soon as possible to reduce damage. Temporary roof repairs are often the best option when it’s raining and wet. All work, investigations and permanent repairs, are photo documented step-by-step for your review with recommendations for further repairs.

Seal Leak temporarily

Here is a situation where a temporary repair was done to stop an active leak. Water cut-off mastic was applied to seal the membrane as a temporary leak repair.

At later date, under better weather conditions, a permanent leak repair was made to the roof.

Here is an example of how you would see the process with photos and explanations. You can see how much easier it is to understand what has taken place on the roof when you see step-by-step photo documentation.

Project Summary Example


It’s important to understand exactly what repairs have been done and the photos really help explain it to others, who rarely go on a roof or are unfamiliar with roof repair work.

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