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Encouraging Tenants to Report Roof Leaks Early

It’s not easy to find roof leaks in the early stages.  And most people don’t make a habit of checking their ceilings.  By the time it’s blatantly obvious, a lot of damage has been done.  Here are some tips that can help you encourage tenants to check for them.

1. Make it an Annual Requirement

Pick a day that is convenient for you.  Maybe it’s October 1st, before the bad weather kicks in.  Or you could pick a day in the Spring when the winter weather is over, like May 15th.  Stay away from holidays and long weekends.

2. Give them a worksheet with photos

Since home construction is likely not their area of expertise, provide photos that explain the type of things they would be looking for.  Photos of ceiling stains, peeling paint or rotted wood around skylights are a couple of examples. Make the worksheet simple and easy so they can go from room to room and look.  Don’t require them to go on the roof – they are not qualified.

Download a sample Worksheet.

3. Provide Feedback

Keep track of how many tenants are reporting early signs of leaks. Position it to the strata as a money-saver and give some basic stats about how many units reported vs last year.


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