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Proactive Roof Maintenance

A proactive roof maintenance program is scheduled inspections and corrective actions. It will reduce building operating costs and extend roof life.

Here are Four Benefits
  1. To extend and maximize the service life of the roofing system through regular assessments and proactive maintenance.
  2. To take proactive measures to help detect minor problems before major damage is widespread and repair costs add up.
  3. To maintain the validity of the warranties and guarantees. Even a brand new roof requires regular roof maintenance to keep it functioning as intended. Without regular maintenance many warranties and roof guarantees become void.
  4. To maintain and/or increase property value.

Our Proven Roof Maintenance Program

Annual Inspections

Our office will contact you annually and schedule roof maintenance reviews.

Maintenance Program

We will provide you with a detailed report containing pictures that show current conditions along with a detailed outline of our recommendations for roof maintenance and/or repairs required to keep your new roof in top condition.

Project Summary Report

We always provide you with a report showing before and after photos of any work completed for your records.


What We Look For

  • Debris build up
debris build up found during routine roof maintenancee
  • Drainage issues
  • Physical damage


  • Surface and membrane condition

roof membrane damage

  • bare spots
  • cracking / alligatoring
  • slippage
  • blistering
  • splitting
  • buckling
  • Metal flashing
metal flashing is rusting on roof
  • Roof penetrations
  • Expansion joints
  • Electrical penetrations
  • Downpipes
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